SigncoServ: a brief history

Since 2017, Metanous has been working on SigncoServ, an integrated platform for traffic measurements and traffic control. Regularly, expansions are added to the platform.

Below, you can find a brief history with the main milestones that have been achieved. But there is still much more to tell about the work that has been done since 2017. Do you want to know more about this? Do you have a project where we can help?

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  • Development of SigncoServ starts
  • Existing measurement devices are connected to the new platform
  • First customer starts using SigncoServ
  • First, limited reporting is available
  • Public API is available
  • Measurement data is expanded with weather information
  • New bike poles are installed
  • ANPR cameras are linked
  • Due to a larger number of devices, an OTA (over the air) update is added.
  • Advanced audit functionality
  • First prototype of in-house measurement device
  • Security at bike crossing/intersection
  • Data prediction and validation
  • 200 million pedestrians detected.
  • Internationalization (French, German)
  • Support for VMS devices
  • SigncoServ customers can now exchange/share data
  • First traffic control added (in the port of Antwerp)
  • Advanced traffic control based on scenarios
  • PowerBI integration
  • Rollout of in-house Signco measurement devices (+400)
  • MAAS - Marking as a Service (new division now uses SignoServ)
  • 600 million pedestrians detected.
  • Live tiles
  • Advanced planning (MAAS)
  • Red stop
  • Parking prohibition (MAAS)
  • 1.2 billion pedestrians detected.
Rode Rem

SigncoServ in statistics


Since SigncoServ started measuring in late 2017, more than 1.2 billion vehicles have been measured.


The 1.2 billion vehicles were measured at slightly over 9,000 measurement points, mainly spread within Flanders.


Meanwhile, more than 200 organizations use SigncoServ for monitoring or performing traffic measurements.


The number of measuring devices connected to the SigncoServ platform is also steadily increasing. It's clear that the introduction of the proprietary hardware (in 2021) has caused a strong growth in connected devices.


Finally, the objective of using SigncoServ is to support and/or justify policy. It is therefore not surprising that all measurement results can be consulted in the form of advanced reports.

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