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Looking for a software partner with expertise in installations? Then you are at the right place at Metanous. We have many years of experience in developing software systems for configuring, monitoring and controlling installations.

Software development for monitoring and controlling installations

During the past 6 years, Metanous has developed a lot of expertise in monitoring and controlling installations. For example, Metanous developed a platform for Signco for traffic measurements and for controlling traffic flows. Important aspects here are:

  • Connecting all kinds of devices (counting hoses, bicycle counting posts, radar, ANPR camera, VMS, mini-max, LED strips, site lights, etc.);
  • Live monitoring of traffic situations;
  • Scenario management for making different devices work together in complex traffic situations;
  • Extensive reporting module;
  • Integrations with other systems via API.

Metanous can help you develop custom software for managing, connecting or integrating devices, building APIs, etc.

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Software development for configuring installations

Metanous has also built up a great deal of expertise when it comes to configuring installations. For example, Metanous built a configurator for Modular, a tool that allows you to create custom lighting configurations. The following aspects play a role in such developments:

  • A user-friendly user interface (UI/UX);
  • Configuration algorithms;
  • Integrations with other systems such as ERP, website, ...

The Metanous team is happy to help you develop software that optimally supports the creation of your installations.

Software development for asset management

For many companies, managing and optimally deploying assets is crucial. Here too, Metanous can create added value. The following aspects are important here:

  • Connecting and tracing assets (geo location);
  • Monitoring parameters (eg battery voltage, position, ...);
  • Managing software on remote assets;
  • Follow-up of alarm statuses.

The Metanous team is ready to develop an asset management solution for you.


Need help with your own project?

Metanous is happy to help you with software that optimally supports your activities.

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