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Looking for a software partner with expertise and a personal approach? Look no further: From analysis and design to development, launch and support.

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Metanous develops custom software in close collaboration with our customers. Our technical expertise combined with our domain knowledge provide state-of-the-art technical and functional solutions that help your business move forward. Working with Metanous means: quality, teamwork, creativity, passion, responsibility and integrity.

Technical thinkers, digital doers: custom software with a personal approach!

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Signco Serv

We developed an online platform for Signco for the measurement, processing and presentation of data on bicycle and car traffic. With an ever-increasing mobility and the problems and needs that arise, the monitoring and analysis of traffic-related data has become crucial in the development of an efficient policy.

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"Your Software, Our Passion" perfectly sums up what we stand for. We are passionate about software and supporting our customers.

Boris Rogge - business owner Metanous

Robo Connected

How smart are your machines?

Digitization is high on the agenda of many companies today, but what does this mean for machine builders? How can smart machines create value?

Metanous develops innovative custom software that makes the difference. From our experience we have drawn up a simple IQ test for machines that gives an indication of the digital opportunities.

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Curious about our driven  team?

At Metanous, we create quality software for our customers by combining in-depth technical knowledge with the ability to quickly understand the problem domain. We then mix this know-how with our in-depth knowledge of the software development process, our agile way of working and the tools that make this approach possible.

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