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About Metanous

On the timeline below, we provide an overview of the history of Metanous. How did it all begin, what are the key milestones in our journey, and where do we stand today?



Metanous originated from an ambitious initiative for a spin-off in collaboration with Ghent University, a project that ultimately did not come to fruition. Inspired by his doctoral research in applied sciences, with a focus on metadata, Boris founded Metanous. The name 'Metanous' is a combination of 'meta', referring to metadata, and 'nous', the Greek word for 'mind' or 'intellect', reflecting our commitment to intelligent solutions.


From freelance to software development team

After several years of intensive freelance work for large companies, the demand for our services grew to the point where it was no longer feasible to manage it alone. This led to the hiring of our first employee. In the following years, we systematically expanded our team, regularly welcoming new talents to meet the growing demand and the expansion of our projects.


Custom software solutions

2014 marked an important milestone in the evolution of Metanous, when we shifted our focus from freelance work to project-based software development. This strategic change ensured that we started working even more closely with our clients. Since then, Metanous has taken full responsibility for relieving our clients of the burden of developing their software platforms. Each project is approached comprehensively and in close collaboration with our clients, where we adopt a flexible approach to arrive at the best solution.


Moving to the new office in De Pinte

In 2020, due to the significant growth in recent years, Metanous moved to a new office in De Pinte. This step gave us the necessary space to continue growing and better support our clients. At the same time, we saw one of our projects evolve into an entirely new platform: DORI. Although DORI now operates within its own company, we at Metanous remain the technical force behind the scenes, ensuring continuous innovation and top quality.


Our team grows

In 2023, Metanous has 18 employees and we are actively seeking four new colleagues to strengthen our team. Our strategic focus remains unchanged: we take the complexity of custom software projects off our clients' hands and support them intensively in their business activities. We now focus on various sectors, including machinery, installation companies, healthcare, and insurance. In addition to our core activities in software development, we are expanding our services with a new branch in cyber security, to better serve our clients in the field of digital security.


Focus on sustainable growth

In the coming years, Metanous aims to achieve further sustainable growth. By continuing to invest in our employees, keeping up with new technologies, and expanding our knowledge, we ensure that we remain at the forefront of software development. Our focus remains on supporting our clients so that they do not have to worry about technological challenges or maintaining an up-to-date platform.

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