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Custom software

Metanous builds a software solution together with you, tailored to your specific needs. We go for complete unburdening in every aspect of the project: analysis, architecture, development, validation, rollout, project management, training and more.

Software building blocks as a solid basis for custom software

Metanous builds a future-oriented solution together with you, using state-of-the-art technology and taking into account flexibility, scalability, performance and security requirements.

Over the years, Metanous has developed a number of building blocks that are used within the solutions we build for you. This approach delivers benefits in terms of timing, cost and risk reduction without compromising 100% customization.

By using these components we can focus on your business processes and those features that will distinguish your solution from the competition. Our approach gives you 'the best of both worlds'.


Benefits of custom software


Build up your own Intellectual Property (IP ownership) that can generate great added value.


Unique software as a differentiator of your product or service. Your product distinguishes itself from the competition through unique features and approach.


No recurring licensing fees for many years. The development process is planned according to your timeline and budget.

All Directions

Flexibility through independence from third party roadmaps or bugs that are not addressed quickly enough.


Support of your unique business process through software that is 100% tailored to your company or product.


Expandable through integrations with other (internal) systems and making APIs available to other parties.


MAP - Metanous Adaptive Platform

The Metanous Adaptive Platform (MAP) consists of a collection of technology components, each of which provides a frequently recurring functionality. These are used as a foundation when building your solution without pushing your platform into a straitjacket.

  • Authenticatie (OAuth & OpenId Connect)
  • REST-stack (client & server)
  • Reporting
  • Mailing
  • Auditing
  • Multi language support
  • Generic filter, search and paging functionality
  • e-mail & SMS messaging


Need help with your own project?

Metanous is happy to help you with your digital strategy and automating your business processes.

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