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Metanous is a first class software company. We at Metanous live and breathe software development and love technical challenging projects that require that extra step to make them successfull. We build our solution on the .NET platform. If you are looking for someone who can help you with your next software project, analyse your requirements and translate them into a software solution we might be able to help you !

Our motto says it all: "Your software – our passion". We have a passion for creating good software, we apply that passion to our projects ! All of them !”

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Metanous is a software company with a passion for software, our customers and (y)our projects and we are looking for Senior Software Developers

If you are a student with a great software idea (mobile, tablet, surface, pc, cloud, ...) let us know! We might be able to offer some help so you get your project realized.


Metanous has designers & engineers with WPF, Silverlight, Surface and Windows Phone touch experience ready to work on your projects.

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We ♥ Surface

Metanous is a Microsoft Surface partner. We are committed to create Surface solutions and provide Surface services to help you achieve your business goals. Our Surface solutions have demonstrated a high level of customer satisfaction.

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ASP .NET Microsoft .NET

Microsoft Surface Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Silverlight Microsoft Silverlight

Windows Phone7 Windows Phone7

Agile Approach

We are strong believers in the KISS-principle: "Keep it simple and straightforward".

Our methodology