Mobile app and back-end system for large painting company

Creation of mobile app and backend system for order processing and analysis

Veldeman ( is a specialist in interior decoration with a wide range of activities going from painting to offering whole interior solutions.
Starting as a family business it has grown into a large company with over 100 collaborators, handling hundreds of projects on a yearly basis.

In order to help them processing the thousands of orders generated by these projects, Metanous has developed a mobile app providing the project leaders with a tool to order equipment for the different assignments as well as allowing them to follow-up with the orders.

In addition Metanous implemented a backend system accessible to the warehouse staff as well as to the management. This backend enables processing the orders on the one hand and providing feedback for further analysis to the purchasing department.

Metanous created the architecture for the app and backend system and set up the communication between both.


  • Category: Industry - whole interior decoration solutions
  • Date: 2017
  • Client: Veldeman
  • Location: Dendermonde
  • Technology: Xamarin Forms, ASP .NET Web API, Angular JS
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